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You can deploy your intranet and extranet solution in-house

You are welcome to purchase a life-time commercial license key of the Bitrix24 Self Hosted version, if your company is still rigid regarding the data management policies and does not want any sensitive information to be available in the Cloud. You can deploy your intranet and extranet solution in-house, or on any other remote server that meets all the requirements of your corporate security policy.

Costs, which are associated with the Bitrix24 Self Hosted version:

  • Hardware and software for local networks ranges from $3000 up
  • Hosting services for remote installation ($250/mo is usually enough)
  • Salary for outsourced or in-house IT-staff for project implementation and maintenance
  • Commercial license key and additional users costs (product editions starts at $2299 one additional user license is $40/user)

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