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Connect24 is the long-awaited link between Gmail and Bitrix24
You’ve depended on Gmail for like the past decade, and don’t want any other mail service in your
life. But at the same time, you’re also very fond of Bitrix24. Connect24 is the link – or as you may
wish, the connecter – between Gmail and Bitrix24 that you’ve been waiting for, for at least a decent
part of your life. Try it for free, with unlimited users, right now!
MAKE Interactive, a long-time Gold level partner of Bitrix, developed this connector as its first app
for the Bitrix24 cloud service. With the release of this app, MAKE Interactive is announcing that
they will be focusing much more on providing excellent services and consultation to users of
Bitrix24 in the cloud, as we have for many years with the self-hosted version.
Connect24 is the link between Gmail and Bitrix24 made by people who use both products, just like
From your Gmail, you can pull up an interface that lets you send the email message that you
are viewing to your Bitrix24 CRM as a new Lead or Contact, append it as an email activity to an
existing CRM item, or even create a task associated with the Lead or Contact.
As a Bitrix24 administrator, you can download the Connect24 app to your Bitrix24 instance. This
will make the Chrome extension available from your Bitrix24 portal from the new menu item called
‘Connect24’. Users can download the extension from there. A 30-day trial period with unlimited
users begins when Connect24 is downloaded to your portal.
Once the Chrome extension is deployed, you can authorize into your portal, creating the connection
to the CRM. When viewing an individual email in your Gmail, you will see a Connect24 button at
the top of the viewing window. This opens the pop-up interface to send the email to Bitrix24 in the
manner you desire.
You can choose to create a new Lead, Contact or Company directly in the pop-up. You'll get
options for each email address that is involved in the message, other than your own. Shown below
is an email from a single person who is not yet in the CRM as a Lead or Contact.
<Image 1>
After creating a Contact, we have the option to append the message to the existing Contact as an
email activity, a task activity, or in that Contact's stream. These options are displayed immediately
when the pop-up opens if the sender (and/or copied recipients) is already in the CRM.
<Image 2>
Click OK to send the message in the pop-up to the CRM as an email message, task, or stream
message. In all of these cases, it is added to the Contact that was just created and other selected
items, if applicable.
<Image 3>
This means that when an email comes to your mailbox, you are 3 clicks away from sending it
as a task into your Bitrix24 CRM!
Creating tasks from email is a long-awaited function for Bitrix24 users, and there is an option for
choosing a deadline directly in the pop-up. The task will be assigned to you, but once in Bitrix24,
you can delegate or edit it as needed. If the sender does not exist yet in your CRM, you can create a
Lead or Contact as shown above via clicking only, make the task, and send without leaving your
mailbox at any time during the process!
As mentioned, set up is very easy — the app is downloaded to your Bitrix24, each user adds the
Chrome extension, authorization is performed, and Gmail and Bitrix24 are ready to connect.
After 30 days, payment is made on a monthly basis. You can purchase any number of user accounts
via the app page. The administrator has control over what users can utilize the app, so if you choose
to provide it to only some of your users, that is done easily.
The beta version of the app has only just been released as of April 2016, please send questions and
provide feedback  The MAKE Interactive team is looking forward to serving you!