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MAKE24 is a part of Make Interactive. Make Interactive creates, builds and manages. We excel in advanced, technical solutions in web development. We bring complex questions back to simple solutions, where usability is the key. We make results simple.

We believe that job satisfaction leads to passion. This encourages us to continue to start with new challenges. We stimulate our own development and share them with clients. Open source is our vision.

MAKE24 is experienced and professional. With over 20 highly skilled IT professionals we create, build and manage complex websites and web applications. We have the ability to grow, work hard and deliver the highest quality.

Certified Bitrix gold partner

The Bitrix software is an essential element of our work. MAKE24 integrates the Content Management System in the many websites and webshops we are creating. That makes us the biggest Bitrix partner in The Nederlands: a gold certified partner. We are the leader in the total sales and the most complex web solutions.